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Well after conducting my first online survey with the mountain bike community, I was very surprised by the responses. Whilst I was thinking I may get 20 to 30 responses, I received over 400 responses to the survey.


Thank you again to everyone who took the time to go through the questions and enter your responses. The results of the survey confirmed my predictions on some aspects and open my eyes to areas that I had previously not thought of or did not think it would gain such positive response – so i ‘m all for the power of testing and listening to get the content right.


Ultimately what I was looking for were the the key questions that today’s mountian bikers have and create some useful and creative products that address your concerns and needs. Giving you the infomation that you may have been searching for, but not quite finding the answers – in a format that is inspiring, relevant and makes you want to go out immediately and ride after reading.


I learned a lot about you – such as:


1. Trails, trails, trails, – You want more of them near where you live, you want more information of where to ride, how far away it takes to get to good trails, why you local authorities don’t provide more opportunities for riding? Why is it so hard to convince people that trails access is a benefit to all and that mountain biking is a brilliant sport to be a part of?


2. Time – Never enough time to ride, enough time to work on your skills, not enough time to get fitter & faster. Life just gets in the way.


3. Cost – Many of you indicated that cost of bikes and components is a key frustration especially purchasing quality/durable components. This cost issue was having a negative effect in being a barrier to ride more and introduce friends to the sport. There were some that were clearly pissed off with the overhyped marketing & pricing that some of today’s companies present to riders like yourselves.


4. Fitness – Being fitter and in particualr improving your endurance level to push out longer rides. Mental fitness was also relevant with a number of respondants indicating that they wish they had the courage & balls to tackle difficult terrain or challenging trail features, was also an issue you were struggling with.


5. Trail & All Mountain is where its at

Over 60% of you classed your riding style as XC/Trail and a further 27% of respondents considered themselves All Mountain riders. Which is interesting givin that in recent years a lot of attention by manufacturers and film makers has been placed with the Downhill & Freeride set, yet the majority of riders do not ride that type of terrain.



Does the above list sound like you and the concerns that you have?

Well you are not alone as many of us also have the same concerns or issues with riding.


So based on your feedback I am looking to create a free resource based on your feedback on the project ideas presented, which will tackle the overwhelming No. 1 issue of trails access – namely where to ride.


This free resource will feature selected epic trails from around the world, that will give you the ultimate trail experience – an epic singletrack guide focusing on amazing destinations, epic singletrack and essential information (hey that’s what this site is about after all!).


If you think that this guide could help you out, just enter your email address down below and I will send it directly to your inbox, once I have completed it (about 3-4 weeks from now). It will be 100% free, no strings attached. In future I will also look to have this guide available as an opt-in gift for the site.

So thanks again for the responses – stay tuned for updates.


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