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As much as we want to, we can’t be riding our bikes all the time – what with all those coffees to drink, beers to buy and just general sitting around, reading privateer magazine – you may as well look somewhat stylish while flying the cycling flag.


Cycling T-Shirts or jerseys for that matter – not everyone wants the latest team issue jersey or some hideous club/event t-shirt. Yes I get the whole belonging to the team, united we stand mantra, but sometimes we just want to go it alone – a revolutionary of sorts.


Just as well I have managed to trawl the interwebs for you and found a raft of  (mostly) web based start ups that have embraced the cycling culture, with some clever and stylish designs. Some may have a roadie of fixie bent, but great design spans all genre’s.


How about giving some love to the artists and designers that are producing some very impressive cycling t-shirt & jersey designs, that you are unlikely going to find at your local bike store. Check out the 11 cycling t-shirt companies from Australia, UK and US.


Cycling T-Shirts & Jerseys – 11 Companies Doing it Well



US based Twin Six do some of the best t-shirt and jersey designs for the MTB and CX set



Cycology produce unique designs that almost have a band poster visual about them – impressive.



Another Australian design studio that are banging out quality and unique designs for the après cycling set.



A stand out UK retailer with clever designs for all riders, including a range for MTB. Up there as pick of the bunch



Yes Rapha are well entrenched in road cycling, but the product that they produce and commission is unbelievably good, they have even managed to sway the more hardened mountain biker with their cash.



Fashion and Cycling seem to  be a perfect mix with another Australian online retailer producing quality designs and goods, definitely with a more fixie and road cycling vibe.



Michigan based, with a road and CX slant on their designs and messages.



As the name suggests you get designs and products for the MTB rider, more DH than trail, but some good designs to select from.



Another UK retailer with quality roadie based designs.



Road inspired designs, that are so good, you would be wearing them almost anywhere.



For those that like a bit of eco with your velo, the Veleco has a range of organic cotton t-shirts and other ethical goods, to keep you satisfied.


Have you got any other tips on companies producing some killer mountain bike or cycling t-shirt designs? Please leave you comments or suggestions below.

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2 Responses to 11 Impressive Cycling T-Shirt Companies with Killer Designs

  1. John Lewis says:

    Thanks for the mention Malcolm – we ship our ethical / eco-friendly cycling t-shirts worldwide

  2. Big Cog says:

    Happy Days to receive a plug Malcolm. We wear our Tees on our hearts and have some awesome new designs being released in the lead up to Christmas. Also new APRES VELO website being unveiled Mid November. Stay Tuned!

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