Why do we ride?


A question that is often thought of with many explanations, reasons and opinions.

Many will be agreed with, some debated and a few, fiercely rejected.

And that’s what makes this industry, this sport, this obsession so interesting.

You only need to read some of the comment threads from Pink Bike, MTBR or Rotorburn (and many others) to know that while we all ride mountain bikes, we are not into the same shit as everyone else. And while the negative sentiment and attacking of opinions can get draining at times, at the end of the day, when you are riding and you have one of those ‘on’ days, where everything falls into place – it can be truly magical.

An endorphin high, yet calming all at the same time. This is why I ride. Combine that with great friends to ride with, dream riding locations and a little adventure and you have a perfect riding experience.

Why do we ride?  Why do we search for singletrack? Its for those moments, those flashes, those memories of escape and freedom.


It’s for fast, flowing, fun, challenging and technical terrain

It’s the scrapes, scratches, bumps and bruises

It’s the mud in your eyes, the dust in your hair and the dirt in your shoes

It’s the coffee at the start, the gel in the middle and the beer at the end

It’s riding with your mates, your friends, work colleagues, neighbors and anyone else up for a ride

It’s to escape and re-connect

It’s the early morning ride, the night ride, the group ride

It’s planning the long weekends, the bank holidays, vacation time, annual leave – searching for singletrack

It’s nailing every turn, berm and kicker

It’s pushing your bike skills, fitness level and mental capacity to another level

It’s entering the pain cave and coming out the other end

As we continue to search out singletrack, both local and abroad, spare a thought for those who may never get to discover and enjoy those magical moments on a mountain bike.

Sure your partner may not get it, as you go out on ‘another f#$king bike ride’, but we all need to be passionate about something in life. Some people collect stamps, some gamble their money, we ride mountain bikes.

Keep riding, keep searching and support those who are actively advocating for access and building trails.


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