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Crank Bros Candy 3 ReviewDelayed gratification or  ‘good things come to those who wait’ has certainly been the experience of updating my pedal system to the Crank Bros Candy 3’s. Having been a longtime fan of Crank Bros products and their approach to design, this delay of use until recently has only enhanced the positive purchase and riding experience. You could see this as an almost textbook example of delayed gratification in practice.


Yes the candy 3’s were launched years ago, yes I could have easily purchased them when they launched, but there is something to be said for delayed gratification and waiting patiently for an opportunity to give these pedals a run.

So Xmas 2012 comes around and what better time than any to drop $100 on a pair of beautifully crafted pedals.


Going from Shimano PD-M520’s, I was not expecting a great deal of difference other than the aesthetic, as the Shimano pedals have performed like a workhorse, but the Candy 3’s did have a noticeable difference.


Crank Bros Candy 3 Review


Platform Performance

The first noticeable difference was the platform. Whilst only slightly larger in surface area than the MD521’s, the Candy 3’s felt as though I had more power in the pedal stroke, given the larger platform and also more control in technical sections, when maneuvering the bike.



Click In with Ease

The engagement of cleat to pedal felt solid and natural. I was surprised at the ease of transition of clicking in and out, given I was moving between two different systems and manufacturers.


Lightweight Pedal

The Candy 3′ are certainly lighter than the PD-M520 (304 grams vs 380 grams), not that I was seeking a lightweight pedal, but anything that reduces your overall bike weight on 5 inch trail bike, is always a welcomed bonus. Other reviews mentioned that the Candy 3’s have good mud clearance, given its platform and cleat design vs the M520. While I have yet to experience muddy trail conditions this year, a visual of both pedals certainly gives this impression.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Crank Bros have been one of the driving forces of companies willing to push the design of their products beyond the traditional component conglomerates. As mentioned in an excellent article in Swictchback magazine, the Crank Bros team, led by their founders have been able to take the concept of a component and completely re-engineered it from the ground up, rather than shoehorning their design into a competitor’s cleat system. The result is a clever cleat system, packaged into a functional and stylish design. Hallmarks of many great product and industrial designers.


Crank Bros Candy 3 ReviewThe Candy 3′ have been improved from previous incarnations with the removal of the bushings from previous series, which had been an issue with failings and servicing. The other notable improvement is that the pedals are easily serviceable, giving you even more excuses to be holed in your shed or garage, as you tinker away.


After many years of using Shimano pedals there have been minimal issues in transitioning to the Candy 3’s. In the last 2 months, these pedals have had a reasonable workout, with no signs failing. If you are looking for a high performance trail pedal, that is comfortable on the climb and the downhill, then the Crank Bros Candy 3 pedals may be just the right fit for you.


Where To Buy

You can get the candy 3’s from the below online retailers:


Have you used the Candy 3’s recently? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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