A collection of Mountain Bike videos that excel in showing you the search, the travel, the packing, the hauling, the people, the shitty weather, but ultimately capture the essence of a great roadtrip – made all the more better when riding is involved.

After watching these videos, you get that urge to load up the car/truck, pick out a destination and go. Logistics aside, these videos are a great motivator to remind us why we ride and where it can take us.

The trail hunter series with Matt Hunter captures this well, with this little gem below.

Derek Dix is a skilled bike cinematographer and has shot, edited and produced another awesome, travel inspired film, with Gravity components. The riding and destinations captured is in the Kootenay Range in BC, Canada, with towns such as Rossland, Revelstoke and Nelson featured.

Gravity Gradient from Derek Dix on Vimeo.


Time to ride..


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