Parenthood – no adjectives can really describe what this entails, but lets just say it has it moments of highs and lows – much like a well planned trail – easy sections, difficult sections, flow, uphill, downhill.


When you have children and you ride,  you naturally would love that your kids can ride the trails with you – sooner rather than later…

Not waiting til they are teenagers and hate you because you asked how their day was.

So the search for high end bikes for the 24″ wheel size and below is limited, however there are a handful of companies out there that cater to the cashed up bike parents, wanting to buy a high end MTB for their kids – not some boat anchor from K-mart.

Outside of the fact they they are growing exponentially and the bike will possibly last only 2 seasons, there are some forward thinking companies that are offering full suspension beauties to ensure that your young one is clearing doubles and railing berms in no time.


High End Kids Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes for kids usually come in the hardtail option from walker/balance through to 24″, but for those looking at a dual suspension option, with quality components, whist the market is small, there are some options for you.


Lil Shredder


Photo: Brian Finestone – Courtesy of


The one company who has focused on custom high end, kids full suspension bikes. With an updated website and key component partners, this Oregon based company will go from strength to strength, as they continue to fill a growing niche and support the next generation of top end riders. Their Prodigy and Phenom models offer dual suspension from 16 and 20″ (Prodigy) and 24″ (Phenom).



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The Andorran based company have consistently offered high end, full suspension bikes for kids in both 20″ and 24″. With a wider distribution in several global markets than some of the smaller niche companies, the Commencal offerings (Supreme 20 and Supreme 24) are a great, off the floor option that caters to the high end of the kids mtb market.

COMMENCAL Supreme Kids 20” & 24″ – 2015 from COMMENCAL on Vimeo.

Propain – Yuma EX 24 Zoll

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Propain is a German based company that has a very strong lean towards Enduro and DH bikes. They also offer customised options and very capable looking, 24″ kids bikes for both DH and Enduro, in their ‘ZOLL’ series.

At this stage it looks like these are only available in the EU, but may be worth the contact to see what options are available.



Kona – Stinky 24

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A long time favourite with many riders, with the band experiencing a resurgence in popularity, post their Process series launch, Kona have always supported the grass roots riders and juniors with the Stinky 24 – a capable park bike for kids.



Specialized – Camber Grom

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Whether you love them or hate them for their recent behaviours, there is no doubt that Specialized continue to offer riders of all levels and abilities high end options. As one of the pioneers of large scale MTB manufacturing, with the Stumpjumper, the product development and marketing might will ensure that this company continues to deliver for their customers and consumers. The Camber Grom is an example of this long road of product development, filtering down technology and frame design of previous years to create a very smart looking, dual suspension, 24″ trail bike.


Transition – Ripcord

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Transition is a boutique brand that has a loyal following and is now offering a trail/AM bike for junior riders, called the ‘Ripcord’. This bikes sits at the USD $1699 and has the ability to be upgraded to a 26″ – extending its usefulness and longevity.




La Pierre – Froggy

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The French based brand has created a junior version of their AM rig the Froggy, with a Froggy 24. With a 140mm of travel both front and rear, this is a big hit trail bike for the kids. Again, similar to Commencal, La Pierre have wide global distribution, so this could be a good option for an off the floor model – expect to be around €1849.


If you are serious about your riding and want to bring that love to the rest of the family, and can justify $1500+ for a high end dual suspension for your children, then the above options may just be the ticket for you – Enjoy!

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