Best All Mountain Tyre Tyres or Tires?

Whatever spectrum of the English language that you speak – tyre choice can often spark fierce debate with riders having long term loyalties to a particular model ,whereas others couldn’t give a toss and ride their stock tyres into the ground.

Although tyre choice can be one area where a minor outlay  in funds, can provide a significant difference to your ride experience. Handling, cornering, speed, traction – in fact a multitude of elements which can help to improve your overall riding skills.

For the All Mountain and trail rider there are a variety of options now available in 29″ and 27.5″ to give you some choice.

For the most part, the same brands continue to crop up, with tried and tested options.

See below 10 of the best all mountain tyre models that continue to be favourites amongst AM & trail riders and Enduro racers.


10 Best All Mountain Tyres

Maxxis – Ardent

A winner for many reviewers for 2014 as the best trail/AM tyre, the Ardent, whilst not the fastest or best performing in muddy conditions – delivers on its versatility for both trail and All Mountain riders as a great all rounder.

Maxxis – Minion

Well if it is good enough for Jared Graves, then all you aspiring Enduro racers and riders take note. This is the choice of Tyre for the 2014 EWS winner and a proven performer on the worlds hottest racing circuit.

Maxxis – High Roller

Another high ranked Maxxis tyre for its all road abilities. The High Roller 2 has been improved with better cornering abilies and increased speed. Ideal in muddy and loamy conditions where the nobbies can bite.

Schwalbe – Hans Dampf EVO

The tyre Schwalbe developed for the AM/trail rider – the Hans Dampf is a ‘do everything tyre’. Whilst not as light or quick as its cousin the Nobby Nic, it should be more durable and is ideal in dry conditions.

Schwalbe – Nobby Nic

The Nobby Nic has been a proven trail tyre with the worlds leading bike manufacturers using these tyres as stock options. The lightweight nature of these tyres is a significant bonus compared to competitors. An ideal trail riding tyre, the Nobby Nic does wear, however the recent upgraded version have some significant improvements to both the tread design and durability, that could make this a standout performer for 2015.

Continental – Mountain King

An aggressive tread for the German made Mountain King, where this is pitched as all rounder  for both loose and muddy conditions.

Continental – Trail King

The Trail King is a faster rolling tyre than the Mountain King due to the closer spaced knobbies and makes for a good combination of running this tyre on the rear, with the mountain king up front.

Kenda – Honey Badger Pro

The Honey Badger Pro is ideal for the Trail/XC rider with a less aggressive tread pattern ideal for loose and hardpack conditions.

Kenda – Nevegal X Pro

The Nevegal name has been around for a long time and built a loyal following from rider for many years. New competitive models have shine off the Nevegal which has prompted Kenda to revise to the Nevegal X Pro – a more aggressive tread pattern than the Honey Badger and as with many of the tyres presented here, is pitched as an all rounder for the All Mountain and Trail rider.

Panaracer – Fire Pro

The Fire Pro has been around for a while and continues to be a popular chose for the trail rider – not so much the All Mountain rider. With a selection a coloured sidewalls to choose from and a solid performer on fast, twisty singletrack, the Fire Pro makes for a good option – especially if you like to match your sidewalls with your kit.


Whether you are looking for the best all mountain tyre to perform at its highest level for Enduro racing or an affordable trail riding tyre, a change to your tyre selection may just be the move required to give you edge on your next ride.


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