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Yes the major MTB bike brands have a selection of Women’s clothing range, often developed by all-women product developers, in conjunction with pro riders and brand ambassadors.

In recent times however; there have been a rising number of independent companies, smaller operators and apparel focused brands, pushing different styles, cuts, colours and patterns that have previously not been seen out on the tail. With the support of crowd funding and a driving desire to push the envelope, women MTB riders are starting to have a better choice of options when it comes to clothing, gear and bikes.

You may not see these brands at your local bike dealer yet, but as the trend for independent styling grows, forward thinking stores will start to extend their range and pick 1 or 2 brands to cater to this trend. In the meantime, online shopping is your best bet.


The 5 Best Independent Brands for Women’s MTB Clothing



best womens mtb jersey maloja

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The Swiss mtb clothing brand is very much an apparel brand that draws its influences from mountain sports lifestyle of biking, skiing, trail running, yet the styling is current and fresh, not boring like some of the other local outdoor brand offerings.

For those that don;t live in Europe, getting access to this brand has been difficult, but is now available online, via wiggle.

If you’ve got 7 minutes, the below video showcases their latest Summer season range and captures that mountain sports vibe and road tripping feeling, that the brand is built upon.


best womens mtb jersey shorts zimtstern

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The German outdoor clothing brand has an excellent mix of both style and function in a range of women’s MTB Jerseys and clothing that you are unlikely going to see, outside of Europe. Pleanty of MTB specific jerseys, shorts, baggies, socks as well as a range of apres riding gear.




best womens mtb jerseys shorts shredly

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The Shredly range of product is based on three brand tenets of Performance, Comfort and Utilitarian Style and have a wide range of Jerseys and shorts. The Shredly brand is a great entrepreneurial story of identifying a gap in the market, using kickstarter to launch and establishing a global apparel brand in the process.

Sold all over the world via their online store and via selected dealers in the US and Canada the brand has been built for the women’s MTB and health lifestyle and have a deep understanding of the requirements of the product performance and design.


Flare Clothing Co

best womens mtb jersey shorts Flare Co

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Flare Clothing Co is a UK based apparel brand that features some of the best women’s mtb jerseys, shorts and apres-ride gear. When you go on their site, there is no mistaking of their trail and enduro riding roots, heavily entrenched in the mountain bike lifestyle.  This is another successful kickstarter launched business, recognizing the potential and filling the gap for an alternative to the meg sports brands.



best womens mtb jersey Dharco

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From humble beginnings launching at the mud fest that was the Cairns MTB World Cup in 2014, Dharco have progressively grown, both in Australia and internationally, with a solid range of women’s mtb apparel alternative to the global brands.

A good mix of garments with short, long and 3/4 sleeve jersey’s and performance baggies and a firm nod to the enduro and trail riding styling, that we have seen in recent years.



Have you got any other suggestions for good quality women’s mtb clothing brands? Feel free to put your suggestions in the comments section.




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