New year, new shoes.

Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, but i’m going with it.

Following on from one of my more popular posts about MTB Enduro Shoes, I thought it was a good time to review what new kicks we are going to see in 2017.

With updates from the usual suspects and a couple of newer players, let’s see what’s on offer this year.

Best MTB & Enduro Shoes for 2017

When reviewing the All Mountain & Enduro Shoes options for 2017 we looked at the both the key players in MTB shoes eg Shimano and Giro, as well as reviewing some the bike manufacturers who are chasing the accessory dollar, with new or extended ranges, that are specifically targeting the all mountain rider segment.

Shimano ME7 and ME5

shimano-mtb-me7-2017So Shimano have two models in their ‘Mountain Enduro’ series the ME7 and ME5.

The ME7 sports a higher cut neoprene ankle support and something called TORBAL, which essentially means the heal moves a bit, when clipped in. What is probably a better feature to lead with is the extra impact protection in the toe. They have also teamed up with Michelin for optimizing their tread pattern on the sole of the shoe. With all this technology on the outsole of the shoe, let’s hope that fit on the inside of the shoe was not forgotten.


The ME5 have a lower cut profile ideal for the trail rider, with a no nonsense black colour way and solid three strap design, these shoes will do well to sell through the retail channels and be seen out on the trail.

The new 2017 Shimano MTB range of shoes do look good, in my opinion, and are well priced for a performance shoe, which is likely to make up 70% of the purchasing decision, add a comfortable fit and a free sticker and your almost there.

The ME7 is USD$200 and the ME5 USD$150

GIRO Terraduro MID

giro-terraduro-mid-reviewThe GIRO Terraduro Mid has been coined ‘The Ultimate All Mountain Shoe’ and while that may seem a big call, it’s not without merit. It sports a mid rise, neoprene type material ankle support to prevent water and debris from getting in, a water resistant lace protector and vibram sole for heavy duty wear protection, yet flexible enough for hike-a-bike sections.

The mid-rise shoe appears to be a growing trend with the All Mountain rider and Enduro racer, with Shimano, Giro and Mavic all offering mid ankle options for 2017.

The GIRO Terraduro Mid is available in 3 colour options (Orange/Black, Grey/Black, Blue/Black) and will be priced around USD $190.


GIRO Code VR70

giro-code-vr70-reviewThe Code VR70 is on trend with the orange and black highlights for those that want to go matchy-matchy with their bikes paint job or accessory highlights, but the Code VR70’s are more than just a pretty colour. With a carbon sole for superior stiffness, Vibram lugs and arguably the best fitting MTB shoe in market, the GIRO Code’s will be hard to beat. Noted the very make up of these shoes lends itself towards the XC/Trail disciplines, so if your riding is of that ilk, then do yourself a favour. While not technically new for 2017, it is still a kick ass looking shoe.

The GIRO Code VR70 will set you back around USD$249 / AUD$330 / GBP£170


MAVIC – Deemax Pro

Best MTB Enduro Shoe ReviewMAVIC have continued to pool their development money into Enduro racing and reap the knock on effect into All Mountain riding, with a new shoe range called Deemax. Tapping into their expertise of outdoor footwear from their brand brothers of Salomon, under their parent Amer Sports. Mavic have implemented known and tested material technologies from their outdoor range, for the MTB rider. With this deep knowledge of outdoor shoe technology and developed with input from enduro champion Fabian Barel, the Deemax range are worth considering, given their pedigree.

Despite all the above, I’m not sure I could slap down my hard earned on a pair of these, unless they ended up in the clearance bin, but worth being put in the mix.

The Mavic Deemax Pro are retailing at €180.00

MAVIC – Deemax Elite

Mavic Deemax Elite ReviewThe elites are out there in terms of colours, with 3 options to choose from (Red/Black, White/Black, Blue/Orange). I’m wondering if Mavic nailed the colour trend for the year and everyone else missed, or were they a little off? Either way they offer similar features to those featured above, ie Mid-Ankle support, neoprene ankle protection, lace cover, additional toe protection protection.

The Mavic Deemax Elites are retailing for €140.00


Specialized 2FO ClipLite

best mtb enduro shoes reviewA welcome addition to the specialized 2FO series with dual boa fasteners, weight saving materials and a clean look that mixes street shoe styling with technical features,  for an all-round, all mountain beauty. I am sure you will see these out in the park or further afield. The Specialized 2FO CLipLite’s also come in a BLK/GRY version. They are retailing for USD$180.00.


Giant Flow MES

Best Enduro MTB Shoes 2017 reviewGiant have also entered the fray that is MTB parts and accessories with a comprehensive shoe line up of 4 models, from sport through to performance. At the top of pile are the Flow MES Off-Road shoes. Another acronym of propriety technology, MES stands for Motion Efficiency System and allows for that balance of stiffness yet flex when pedaling and maneuvering, ideal for the all mountain environment and trail conditions. The styling looks good and you can be sure that they tested these throughout their pro rider network. A welcomed option for the new year. There is a BLK/BLU version available, in addition to the Orange. They are retailing in for AUD$299.95 / USD$220.00


Do you have any favorites or want to suggest a few other options? Feel free to mention it in the comments below.



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