“That was the best thing I have ever ridden!”

Bright Hero Trail, Bright Mountain Biking The new Hero Trail in Bright could very well live up to the hype and judging by the number of riders, at a recent long weekend, it would seem it was high on the list of riders from all over.

So what makes it so special?

It has a couple of elements that set it apart:

  • consistent high speed
  • deep, banked berms
  • roll overs & table tops


Now this is not exclusive to the Hero Trail and there are plenty of trails whihc allow for high speed, but the way this trail has been built, it allows you to hit high speeds, without getting super sketchy. In 3.2Km there is a reasonable elevation drop of 300m, enough t ramp up the speed.


The berms on the Hero Trail are high and deep. There is nothing quite like this in North East Victoria. We are not talking angle high berms where you fall off the top of the apex – these berms, in some cases, are bike swallowing, shoulder high berms, with no risk of slipping off the top. It is because of this, you feel that are riding ‘in’ the trail, rather than ‘on’ the trail.

Roll Overs & Table Tops

The jump features are plentiful! Starting with a drop off at the start and then hitting multiple roll overs and table tops. Each jump feature has A and B lines, which are easy to spot, well ahead of time, to avoid any surprises – kudos to Dirt Art for creating a multiple ability trail that is not dumbed down, but offers challenging choices for intermediate to advanced riders.


Bright Hero Trail MTBAs the warning sign indicates at the top of trail, this style of trail is new for Australia, and as such caution needs to be taken when riding for the first time. A scoping or trial run is suggested to get a feel for the trail. A recent jump in injuries presenting at the local hospital, has prompted the warning. Described as a ‘intermediate run, with black diamond trail features’ – an accurate description.

Bright Hero Trail Shuttle

So how do you get there?

You could ride to the top, but to get the best bang for your buck, shuttle runs are the way to do it. Go to the Mystic MTB trailhead in Mystic Lane and follow the dirt road to the top (do not go down the road towards Huggins lookout or the road where the sign says ‘Launching Place’ – or something like that) continue to the top where there is a large area to drop off and turn to return back the the trail head. The finish of the trail puts you a couple of hundred metres down from Mystic Lane, close to Coronation Ave.

Once you are done with shuttle runs, head back into town and be sure to try the new bar/coffee/food joint in town called Tomahawks. Definitely lifting the bar in Bright for casual dining.


15 Camp St, Bright

Bright MTB - Tomahawks









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