Mountain Biking Trails & MediaBelow is a collection of some great mountain biking stories, news articles and videos over the last month that captured my attention. Written by passionate mtb riders, bloggers, videographers and journalists that love to ride. Please find below 15 links to some of the best mountain bike sites, blogs and news articles on the web – Enjoy!


  1. Ride Somewhere Amazing – Inspiring mtb travel story in Peru
  2.  All the Gear – Ever wondered what a mountain bike photographer takes on the road – check out what Fraser Britton takes?
  3. Time has Come for the Yak Attack – Jeff Kerlove prepares for the Yak Attack in Kathmandu
  4. An Open Letter to Wives – For the bike widows everywhere
  5. Singletrack Issue 72 – Singletrack Magazine relaunch
  6. New Singletrack at Mt Buller, Australia – World Trail Commences work on new singletrack at Mt Buller
  7.  Santa Cruz Debuts Custom Paint Program – Custom Paint Job to Pimp Your Ride
  8. Danny Hart – Hart and Soul – Video
  9. Six Unusual & Public MTB Trails – Singletrack creativity at its best
  10.  Schwalbe Hans Dampf Review -Review of All Mountain specifc tyres from Schwable
  11. Dalby Forrest MTB Cafe Tender  – Is this the future for other biking centres in the UK?
  12. MTB Roadtrip in France  – Video
  13. Victoria High Country Brewery Trail   Mountain Bike & Brewery Guide in N.E. Victoria – Australia
  14. Northern Hemisphere Bike Season  – Why are you riding in 2012?
  15. Parkstart Program Launch  – Great Trail building initiative

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