A mtb review of products and gear that have stood the test of time.


That’s all we want – when we spend our hard earned cash on mountain bike products and apparel, we want it to last the rigors of riding on mtb trails – Pretty simple really, but often some products just don’t cut it.



When your trawling the net for the cheapest deal to screw over your local bike shop (LBS), you may as well make it count.


Side note:  Yes – the online bike retailer vs local bike shop is a whole other topic, which has been debated far better than I could ever articulate – such as here and here – but moving on…


So its always a welcome surprise when mtb products last beyond the warranty period – and then surpass your expectations of a product lifecycle and continue to perform, ride after ride.


I have had the fortune of using some great products, which have gone over and beyond my expectations – some reviewers may call these long termers, but these items below go beyond that. These are the go to products, gear that you do not need to think about – they just work.


Below is a collection of mountain biking product reviews of tried and tested gear, specifically for the Trail and All Mountain rider. I have used them – they work – in fact they work very well. As a testament to their longevity they have 2012 versions on the market.


Camelbak Mule Review (2003)


This is an image my tried and tested Camelbak Mule which I received as a gift in 2003 and continues to deliver to this day, ride after ride. This pack has survived an entire winter ski season in France, multi-day epics, all day enduro’s and countless Saturday / Sunday morning weekend rides on the local trails. While the bladder required replacing (this was only done in 2010) the pack has been faultless.

The newer models obviously have new styling, design tweaks and capabilities that have surpassed the 2003 version. Hey if this version has lasted 8 1/2 years, imagine how long the newer version will last. If you ride mountain bikes, you can rely on a Camelbak MULE.




Fox Sidewinder Gloves Review (2006)


The sidewinder gloves were an impulse purchase when at the register of my local bike shop back in 2006 and have been used on every ride since. Yes they are starting to fall apart now, but after close to 6 years of use with an average of a ride every 2 weeks, they continue to perform. I can tell you when looking for my next pair of gloves, I will be going to the current Fox Sidewinder Gloves in the first instance.






Specialized Stumpjumper Elite Review (2006)


My Stumpjumer Elite is my go to bike. It is, as the Specialized marketing material suggests, a very capable trail / all mountain bike that can climb well, descend with ease and is perfect for the trails that I ride. If you like flowing singletrack, epic rides and technical, challenging features, the Stumpjumper will handle it.

Outside of the tyres, the rest of the components are stock – while due for an upgrade,  it is impressive that the bike has lasted this long, based on the average amount of rides.

In the recent Bike Magazine bike test issue, the Specialized Stumpjumer EVO was voted the trail bike of the year. It is clear that Specialized continue to develop and drive the trail mountain bike category – from its beginnings in 1981 through to today, the Specialized Stumpjumper has been lauded as the first mass production mountain bike and its rise in the mountain bike industry has been documented in its own book – Stumpjumper: 25 Years of Mountain Biking.


Below is video review of the Stumpjumper EVO




What I appreciated was the recent repeat of the original print ad, positioned against the current Stumpjumer – It is only a matter of time before we see overalls making a comeback – the moustache is already back!





Now if anyone has any suggestions on a good wireless bike computer, I’m all ears….


Do you have any mtb reviews of product that has stood the test of time and hard riding? Please post below your comments or photos or alternatively visit my Facebook page to add your comments


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  1. Vincent says:

    The main zip on my 2003 M.U.L.E. has finally packed in… but I’ll definitely be getting it repaired.

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