An Update from the Ride Guide Blog


Thanks to all who have visited, commented, tweeted and generally supported the Ride Guide Blog in the last 3 months!

Whilst in the depths of winter in Melbourne, there is still plenty of riding, reviewing and research to be done.
I am pleased to report that Ride Guide Blog’s first guest post was featured in this week, covering a recent trip of riding, food and wine in Beechworth, Victoria – one of Australia’s ever expanding mtb ride destinations.


A new header has been added to the blog to bring the blog’s branding in line with the site’s content direction, focusing on trail & all mountain riding and that constant search that we have for finding great singletrack.


I have also posted a resources page providing information on online mtb stores, mtb riding gear and mountain bike media outlets, both web and print. While some of you may be familiar with the listings, there may be a couple of links that may tweak your interest or be unfamiliar to you. I will be updating this listing as an ongoing resource, so if you have a suggestion for a link, please let me know.


In continuing with that theme of the ‘search for singletrack’ and providing you with mountain bike riding inspiration, please find below, in my opinion, one of mountain biking’s talented cinematographers – Tom Malecha from Filme Von Draussen. Tom captures the essence of trail riding, mtb exploration and the search for singletrack, shooting & producing quality short films with innovative angles, edits and perspectives. A welcome change from the DH and Dirt Jump centric films that we have seen in the past 15 years. Enjoy!


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