Mountain bike blogs seem to be few and far between.

Why do we read them?

We want to be informed, we want to be inspired, we want to feel part of a club, part of scene – knowing that there are others out there that that share the passion, obsess over gear, never having enough time to ride and always searching for singletrack…


Yes there are some great news and video sites such as Pinkbike, VitalMTB and Bike Radar, but getting some quality writing from those that blog for the fun of it and do it – well that requires a bit more of digging.


Below is a list of mountain bike blogs that I have come across to get some interesting insights into the lives of mountain bikers that are far removed from my own world, yet share in this amazing industry.


In many ways these blogs can inspire in opening your eyes to a destination that you previously hadn’t thought of, or even heard of. It may be those tales of triumph over hardship, in following the exploits of riders on a multi-day enduro or marathon ride or just some exceptional photography to set the scene.


Please find below a collection of mountain bike blogs that are certainly worth a look and even a bookmark – Enjoy!

Mountain Bike Blogs


This is one of the largest mountain bike focused websites on the web, and the sites blog continues to supply great content from riders around the world. They were even kind enough to publish a guest post from me!

Dan Barham:

Mountain Bike photography at its finest

Ian Hylands:

Ian Hylands can also capture an inspirational mtb image or two…

Bike 198:

This was one of the first sites that I came across in which its layout, content and approach was what riders like myself needed and sparked the inspiration for the creation of Ride Guide blog.

Mtn Biking Girl:

Recently selected as the blog of the year for cycling from the Crank – World Cycling Blog Honours, mtnbikinggirl shows how great writing, images and a unique voice can cut through the clutter.

Tom Geraghty:

A UK based mountain bike blog, Tom blogs about rides in the Nottingham region and beyond and posts some unique images – great use of instagram like filters.

The Dirty Wheel:

Another inspiration for the The Ride Guide Blog with an honest look at juggling the demands of family, passion for riding and online content.

Dave Nice (Slower Than Snot):

MTB fixie rider, Great Divide finisher and on-trail photographer.

Space Cow Girl:

Based out of Colorado and blogging since 2007, the images and content on this blog is extensive. The imagery alone will have you wanting to load up the car, bikes on roof and heading off to some new trail locations.


Also, I am still working on the free epic ride guide as mentioned in my previous posts. If you would like to receive this free guide, once completed – just enter your name and email address below.




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Got any other suggestions on some of your favourite mountain bike blogs? Please share your suggestions below.

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