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After reviewing my stats over the last 5 months, I found that one of the most popular blog posts was the inspiring video post done in April.

The showcase of videos was carefully selected to show some impressive riding and inspiring mountain bike destinations that were geared towards the trail/AM rider.

Given this post was so successful, I am looking to do a series of posts, to curate some of the more interesting and inspiring videos out there.  The below videos selected have a Trail/AM bent, and are guaranteed not to feature a flat billed baseball cap or energy drink! Hey I am impressed as the next rider of the feats from Where The Trail Ends however the below videos gives some love to those riders and filmmakers who are able to create engaging films and have the ability to inspire riders from all around the world.

If they help in getting you motivated, to get on the bike and head out on your own adventure then I’ve done what the title of post suggests – inspiring you to get out and ride.

Please find below a collection of mountain bike videos from around the world – plenty of Euro love this time!


Inspiring Mountain Bike Videos – Get Out & Ride Series


Tirol Zillertal Edit – Reset Films UK

A beautifully edited video that captures the variety and technical nature of the terrain – the riding in the Tirol region is becoming increasingly popular with mountain bike travelers and holiday seekers, looking for some new experiences. This video sold it to me – awesome!

Tirol Zillertal Edit from on Vimeo.


Algard – Norway

Welcome to the green room in Norway!

Ålgård – Norway. Singletrack #1 from Dominik ‘Makaron’ on Vimeo.


300 Sunny Days – Filme Von Draussen

The video portfolio that Tom Malecha has created is so impressive that he is my first port of call in getting videos that appeal to the Trail/AM rider – check out the below a commissioned piece for Bike Hotels Sud Tirol.

300 Sunny Days from Filme von Draussen on Vimeo.


Déjà vu / A Garda Trail Revival – Infinite Trails

Riding on the 112 trail in Lake Garda, Italy – another for your mtb bucket list!

DEJA-VU / A GARDA TRAIL REVIVAL from infinite trails on Vimeo.


Sunny Side Up – La Reunion Island –  Infinite Trails

Interesting concept of developing a film specifically for mobile and tablet use featuring rider Steffi Reisenauer in La Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean.

SUNNY SIDE UP! from infinite trails on Vimeo.


The get out and ride series is just as much a message to myself, as it is to inspire you the reader. In the depths of winter in the southern hemisphere and with pressing demands of work, family and study – the videos above give me a moment of escape and an opportunity to plan and search for singletrack. I hope you enjoyed them!


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