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Riding, travel and coffee are three of my favourite things to do and experience and my recent road trip to Mt Buller provided the perfect reason to savour all three.

Despite travelling alone, meeting new riders and riding new trails rekindled the excitement of travel, with the added bonus of getting to ride some truly remarkable singletrack. Throw in some great food and coffee and you have yourself a road trip to remember. As cliche as it sounds, the journey can be just as interesting a the destination.


In this 5th installment of the Get Out and Ride video series, I am continually amazed by the quality of videos being produced and that there is more and more content focused on the Trail/AM rider. The recent announcement of the World Series Enduro will only elevate this growing AM mountain bike niche, which captures all elements of mountain bike riding.


This first video is from Rocky Mountain Bikes and features the trials and tribulations of travelling on a mountain bike vacation. An insight into the packing, unpacking, multiple planes, baggage carousels and airport transfers. A snapshot of the mundane and interesting aspects of mountain bike travel.

An Argentina Adventure – Episode 1: Wade vs The Airport from Rocky Mountain Bicycles on Vimeo.


The second video features a beautifully shot and edited video from the Lake District presenting an epic ride in a variety of terrain and landscapes

From Fell To Forest from Sam Needham on Vimeo.


The third video is related to the first video from the Rocky Mountain Bikes Argentina adventure. An impressive video series that goes beyond a company backed product launch video, to present the reasons of why we ride and the brilliance & discovery of mountain bike travel.

An Argentina Adventure – Episode 5: Dawn Patrol from Rocky Mountain Bicycles on Vimeo.



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