Have you ever wanted to ride that unbelievable epic trail that seems to go on forever?



Well for local and visiting riders to Australia, we are in for a special treat.


Mt Buller have just announced the the launch of the first stage of a 40km (29 mile) epic trail that will take in some of the most spectacular scenery in Australia, amongst the unique Australian Alps landscape amongst the Mt Buller, Mt Stirling and Mansfield region, in Victoria, Australia.


This epic trail will also be the first of it’s kind to be anointed as a IMBA Epic in Australia, joining the exclusive ranks of mountain bike epics such as Maah Daah Hey Trail, Seven Summits and Comfortably Numb.


Last night Mt Buller launched the new epic trail in a great space, at the Aldo in the old GPO building in Melbourne. In attendance were some of the illuminati of the Victorian and national mountain biking community, regional tourism managers, cycling advocates,  council management and many members of the Mt Buller board. The support from senior management level, with regards to a mountain bike trail launch is very encouraging, where those that sign off the purchase request see a very strong future in this sport, investing in quality trails, advocating access amongst various land mangers and acquiring Government funds to support their plan and vision for the alpine region. Garnering community support and encouraging an increase in visitors to the region, during the summer period, will continue to cement mountain biking as a viable option for alpine and country communities to consider, in attracting this cashed up consumer segment.

Mt Buller Epic Trail – The Numbers

The significance of this project is huge, considering that the funding has been provided on a federal level and matched by the Mt Buller Mt Stirling Management. This is also a large chunk of investment to an already impressive trail network, where Mt Buller ambitiously want to have the best mountain bike trails in Australia and take on the world as global player within the  premier mountain bike destinations.

A snap shot of the numbers paints the picture of an impressive large scale trail project:

– 40Km (25 miles) of trail

– 29Km  (18 miles) of hand built singletrack

– 1000m  (3280 ft) elevation drop

– 15Km (9 miles) descent

– $250,000 Epic trail investment

– Close to $1m already invested in mountain bike trails at Mt Buller


Marty Kreig from IMBA Australia has described that this trail is ‘guaranteed to blow your mind’ as an iconic back country trail, in an environment with inspiring landscapes and challenging features. Which may not be too far from fact, given that Mt Buller’s Stonefly is arguably the best XC trail in Australia.

(L-R) Glen Jacobs from World Trail and Clayton Neil from Alpine Shire Council

As with many of the quality trails that riders in Australia experience, it can often be tracked back to the trail building expertise of Glen Jacobs and the World Trail crew. Building upon the trail success of Stonefly and Copperhead, Mt Buller have engaged the World Trail team again to plan and construct the epic trail. The first stage of this epic trail will commence in December 2013.

Mt Buller need to be applauded for the commitment to the Australian mountain biking community, their long term cycling strategy, continual investment, benchmarking world class destinations and engaging the best trail builders in the business, to attract riders in the summer season.

Here’s to looking forward to riding epic trails at Buller, in 2014.




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