Mountain Biking - SwissReady for a visual feast?

Some solid films have been coming through over the last couple of months, taking into account the.

While sifting through the many mtb videos, there are often a couple of standouts, that make you hit that play button again and again.

The Escape series from a number of collaborators including Seb Kemp and Dan Barham of Bike Magazine fame, have created a stunning piece, capturing the travel experience, the amazing trails and the people & community that you meet along the way. Well worth settling in for 16 minutes of mtb travel inspiration.

the escape from Union Production Co. on Vimeo.


This is from the wooded wonderland in Squamish, BC. This is from Kip Shortreed showing you how its done.

Kip Shortreed 2013 All mtn edit from Art Barn on Vimeo.

Taking mountain biking to the next level with high alpine passes, long days in the saddle and dream descents. Tom from Filme Von Draussen and his mate Johannes take on the Haute Route before their lives take on a different route.

Haute Route – Life is a Pass from Filme von Draussen on Vimeo.

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