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Crankworx and the Enduro World Series is coming to the Southern Hemisphere, which is an amazing feat in itself, to attract such an iconic event (Crankworkx) and Mountain Biking’s most talked about series, in as many years – the EWS. This is a testament to the trails built at Rotorua and the infrastructure investment, with the announcement of the year round Skyline chairlift to shuttle riders. Check out the Skyline trail map. These Skyline trails link with the abundance of trails throughout the Redwood forest, to become a must visit MTB destination for riders.

Check out the below video of one of the much loved trails ‘Split Enz’ from the Redwoods trail network.

The EWS will kick off the 2015 season with the first round being held at Rotorua, in addition to the Crankworx event.

The good news for AU riders is that there are direct flights to Rotorua, from Sydney – see this link for SYD-ROT flight details, for the summer period.

Accommodation in Rotorua will get tight, so best to get on board early, to lock it away.

For further details on Rotorua – riding and otherwise there is a section in the Ride Guide Experiences which provides a travel guide on the area, specifically for MTB riders.

Ride Rotorua is also jammed packed with information of the trails on offer.


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