While the use of the word ‘explosion’ may be a bit overkill, the options for Australian based riders has been taken up a notch with a number of new trail systems built and launched in the past 2-3 years.

Some have likened this to world class trails of epic proportions. While there is no denying that trail builders such as World Trail and Dirt Art are world class, I don’t think we will be seeing the influx of riders like those you would see at Whistler or Wales anytime soon… but who knows what may happen in the next 5 years?

This ‘early adopter’ period gives you plenty of time to enjoy these trails now before they get discovered and crowded and services get expensive.


Where to Ride – MTB Trails Yackandandah, Bright & Derby

So what are these new options? The below gives a quick snap shot of new(ish) trail networks in Victoria and Tasmania.

Yackandandah MTB Trails – Yackandandah VIC

Yackandandah MTB Trails

Image Courtesy of exploreyackandandah.com.au

The trails near the sleepy town of ‘Yack’ add another feather in the cap to that of nearby Beechworth with a solid network of well signed flowy singletrack to round out a perfect long weekend in North East Victoria. With over 50Km of trail with green and blue (easy to intermediate) trail grading – it provides the ideal environment for introductory mtb riders through to more advanced who want to enjoy a longer singletrack experience, than the trails offered at Beechworth MTB park. The Yackandandah MTB trail map can be found here.



Blue Derby – Derby, TAS

Blue Derby MTB Trails

Image courtesy of World Trail

While not brand new, the Blue Derby trail network has only been in existence since 2015 and has already attracted world class riders to ride the remote Tasmanian trail network. Flagged as a location for the Enduro World Series in 2017, it selection is itself a badge of honour, confirming it place amongst the best riding destinations in the world.

Check out the Blue Derby trail map here. To get to Derby, fly into Launceston and then drive North East towards Scottsdale and then onto Derby.



Bright MTB Trails – Bright VIC

Bright Hero Trail MTB

Image courtesy of @bluedirtmoutainbiking

I’ve written about it before (here), that I love Bright. The trails, the town, the setting. It all comes together for a perfect mountain bike travel experience. And who would of thought it would get even better. The recent opening of the new Bright Hero Trail has got many people talking excitedly about the prospect of a trail that you are more likely to see in the northern hemisphere. Banked turns, perfectly groomed berms, doubles, table tops, A & B lines – all culminating in a perfect expression of where the future of mountain biking in Australia is heading. The creation of this trail, mystic mountain bike park and the wider master plan for what is in stall for Bright, will have this town prospering. The North East of Victoria has some of the more progressive councils in Australia, noting the importance that Mountain Bikers can bring to a sleepy town and re-invigorate it. Kudos to all those involved!

A map of the Mystic MTB trails can be found here.

The above is just a taste of new trails now opening up across the country. If you are keen for a roadtrip or something further afield then the MTB trails in Bright, Beechworth & Yackanadandah and Derby are an ideal mtb travel destination for local (and international) riders.

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