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The Ride Guide blog focuses on you the mountain biker with a strong preference geared towards the trail/all mountain rider.

My purpose for this blog is to seek out inspiring places to ride, providing valuable information to trail riders and  present it in a format that is easy to consume – like a well placed, guarana spiked energy gel ….or a cold beer.


Why I am interested in Mountain Biking:

Since 1992, when I was introduced to mountain biking, I became engrossed in the sport and have pursued this passion for riding over the years. I also have a strong interest in great singletrack, trail access for riders and mountain bike destinations.

In essence, the writing on this blog will focus on travel, destinations and the singltrack experience with the key theme of Mountain biking, and in particular the trail biker/all mountain rider.

About you:

         – Would consider yourself a mountain biker
         – Love discovering new trails, especially singletrack
         – Read & visit sites such as Bike, Singletrack, Enduro, Spoke, MBR, Bike Radar
         – Ridden or considering riding in endurance, stage races or mtb holidays
         – Likely to own a trail bike (Dual Suspension, 4-5” travel)


About me:

I am a husband, father of two, full time employee juggling my passion for mountain bike riding and travel with my family, study and work commitments. This blog provides me with an outlet to pursue my passion online and create the type of trail guides that I have been looking for.


You can contact me via rideguideblog[at]gmail[dot]com





5 Responses to About

  1. Hi Malcolm

    Cool that you listed Rotorua & Crouchers Berwery in your blog re places to ride mountain bikes and drink beer (preferably in that order). We are also based in Rotorua, and produced this for now other reason than we like their product and we occasionally ride together:

  2. craig says:

    Hi Malcolm,

    Looks like a great site…for ref tried joining the sign up now box but not working?

  3. Ronnie says:

    Hi Malcolm,I like you started in 1992 with a Bear Valley SE,and got hooked straight away.
    Always looking for new trails to do,and I have done the locals to death now 🙂
    I’m lucky enough to live only 4 miles from the Cathkin Commowealth Trails,but even that is getting samey samey.
    So,if anyone knows of good trails in South Lanarkshire in particular,then contact me through here.
    Innerleithen and Glentress are a couple of hours away and are great places.
    Unfortunately,I don’t get down often enough,so trails closer to home is a bonus.

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